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History of GTA 5 Android


The Grand-Theft Auto-Series has been popular to gamers in various platforms since the company released its first instalment, Grand Theft Auto, to the public in October 21, 1997. The name of the series was drafted from the US term for motor vehicle theft. The series’ games follow the narrative of criminal protagonists who have different motives and missions to fulfil in the various instalments of the game.


The series modelled and took inspiration from real American cities such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles for the fictional settings of the game. This is envisaged in the incorporation of structures and statues such as Los Santos, Liberty City, and Vice City.


The gameplay in all the instalments in the series all include completing missions in order to progress in the game’s narrative which will, in turn, unlock more explorable game content. When it comes to outside missions, players are also free to roam around the open-world and interact with places as well as objects and characters in the fictional city within the game.

Development and Creation

GTA 5 Apk ’s development immediately began after the release of its predecessor, Grand-Theft Auto-IV in 2008. The game’s development, which focused mainly on the development of an immersive gaming experience in its open world, had been shared by Rockstar’s studios all over the globe.

The company and its developers drew inspiration from their previous games such as the 2010 Western-themed action-adventure game, Red-Dead-Redemption and the 2012 third-person shooter video game which starred a former detective turned vigilante, Max Payne-3.


About Our GTA 5 Apk


GTA 5 was released in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September 2013. The following year, in November 2014, it was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It was finally made available for Microsoft Windows later in April 2015 And Now GTA 5 indir apk is Available on 2019.

The game received great reviews at Metacritic with a score of 97 out of 100. It also gained perfect or near-perfect scores in other gaming review sites such as IGN, Game Informer and Game Spot.

Other than the game’s popularity and great reviews, the game’s earning potential is also not to be taken lightly. Rockstar made $6 billion dollars in revenue over 100 million copies of the game sold world-wide, earning GTA 5 third seat in the current most selling video games list.

GTA 5 is still available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Aside from the Microsoft store, Steam also offers GTA 5 download in its servers for the Windows version. And for GTA 5 Mobile you have to download of the market you won't find it on official app store like in play store and App Store.


Aside from buying the game and having the right consoles compatible to the game, such as those platforms mentioned above, it is advisable that GTA 5 should only be played by mature adult audiences because of its nudity displays, coarse language, violent nature, and controversial portrayal of women. GTA 5 landed an 18+ rating on Common Sense Media.


Unlike its earliest predecessors where there are multiple city locales, GTA 5 android indir mainly focuses its story and game play in the countryside of San Andreas, a town based from Southern California, and the nearby fictional city of Los Santos, inspired by Los Angeles.

The story of the game, which is playable only in single player, follows three criminals and their efforts to commit heists all while under the scrutiny of a government agency in the story. GTA 5’s narrative is more sophisticated and complex than those of its predecessors. It could even be said the game’s story reflects the real world, most especially the socio-economic realities in America.

Some of the narrative highlights in GTA 5 are the misadventures of the three protagonists after their failed robbery scheme in the fictional town of North Yankton. The main characters lead a life of crime and heists which includes run-ins with a Mexican drug lord as well as conflicts with billionaires, the FBI and the International Affairs-Agency (IAA) and of course, performing the biggest crime job in the game: a plan to hit jackpot by stealing from gold-bullion reserve in the Union Depository.

The Main Characters

You can play in GTA 5 as one of its three main protagonists. Michael Towney is a 40-year old, ex conman living in an expensive Vinewood mansion. His unfaithful life, well-paid therapist and ungrateful children all hate him. The second protagonist is Franklin Clinton, a young man from downtown Los Santos who basically fulfills the gang-banger stereotype and dreams of scoring big. The last one is Trevor Phillips, a violent and prolific career criminal, the most blood thirsty and characteristically unhinged among the three characters.

As you continuously play GTA 5, the narrative unravels well and the stories of the characters interconnect while they complete the series of missions in the game. The player can switch between the characters using a directional compass found in the game’s head-up display, since some missions require more than one character for you to complete it. At times, the game may automatically switch you between characters to gain the objectives of the current mission.

Aside from the excellent graphics improvement in the game which made the characters more alive and life-like, the authentic voicing and sound effects for the individual protagonists made the game much more exquisite than before.


One of the best-selling points of the GTA series since day one has been its open-world player design where players can freely explore the unique and stunning world that the game designers have created. In GTA 5, players can explore the open countryside of San Andreas along with the city of Los Santos, which is generally larger than it was earlier in the series. When you are roaming freely in GTA 5’s game world, there are a lot of fun, context-based activities that you could try such as scuba diving and BASE jumping. Very similar to the real world, each character has their own smartphones where they could contact their friends and even access an in-game version of the Internet. In GTA 5, the Internet will enable your character to do nifty things such as trading in the stock market, upgrade your weapons and vehicles, and of course, alter your character to your liking by the customization feature with options like hair, outfits, and tattoos.

  • 1
    The First-Person Mode

    Another popular and well-made feature that makes GTA 5 such a great gaming experience is its first-person mode. Sure, you can play the game in both the third-person and first-person perspective, but arguably, if you want a more unique gaming experience, then the first-person mode of the game is definitely a must-try.

    First of all, the view in the first-person mode is simply beautiful with a wide, cinematic viewpoint that is very different from the typical third-person shooter POV. It makes the gaming experience more personal because you can literally see in the eyes of your character which makes you more connected to the choices you make and the actions you execute in the game.

    Second, this personal touch could also be a psychological experience for gamers, which could either be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it. Because of the closeness of the perspective between the character and the gamer, you can actually be compelled to give a double-take and really think about the violence of the life of crime in the game’s narrative.

  • 2
    Heists & Missions

    Similar to the old GTA instalments, GTA 5 on Android gameplay still hinges on the sequence of heists and missions, with their own set play-by-play objectives, that you have to complete in order to progress in the game. Making more progress in the game can be motivated by the fact that the more your progress, the more surprise game content you get to access.

    Another interesting point in the GTA 5 missions’ system is that you get perform more difficult heists with the aid of the game’s AI-controlled characters, each with their own unique skill set such as hacking and pro-driving. Of course, upon completion of the mission, these accomplices will also be taking a cut of the reward. You are also given an option to hire them later in the game for heists that require multiple, complex strategies.

    A significant improvement that GTA 5 has made over GTA 4 is the inclusion of the mission checkpoint feature. We all know how grindy it is to go through the preliminary parts of a mission just because you failed at the end. Now, there are certain checkpoints that you can go back to in the game so you do not need to start from scratch every time. Rockstar has also made improvements on the gameplay’s auto-aim and cover system, this time in GTA 5, you can rely more on them while doing your missions.

  • 3
    Character Skills

    Another added entertaining feature in the game is that the three main characters are designed to have their own skillset, with an eighth special skill designated as their expertise. Michael goes into bullet time when in combat.

    When Franklin drives, his ability makes time slow down. Trevor’s special skill allows him to deal double damage to enemies in exchange for incurring half damage to himself. These expert skills can be monitored in the characters’ HUD.

    The “Wanted” system makes the game all the more entertaining. GTA 5’s “Wanted” system depends on the wanted level of your character, as indicated by the star meter in the HUD.

    The aggression of law enforcement that would rain down on your character is determined by the criminal activities that you commit in the game, and the more you commit, the higher the number of stars in your meter.

    Awarding yourself five stars in the wanted systems will lead to police helicopters and SWAT teams that are ready to fatally dispatch your character.


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Android OS 4.0 or above.
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Windown Phone
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1 GB free Storage
1 GB Ram Minimum
Internet for online gameplay.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the apk file?

The file size of gta 5 apk is just 50 MB but additional file is required to play this game which will be downloaded after after you install apk file.

Driving in GTA 5

With the first-person mode and the higher quality graphics in the game, you can enjoy better another element that GTA is known for: driving. In GTA 5, although the cars are still hard to maneuver, the cars do stick to the road better, meaning less wipeouts than in GTA 4. A bigger map also created the need for GTA 5 to upgrade its gallery of vehicles to include awesome planes as well as other aircraft.

Enduring Quality

Despite of the years under GTA 5’s belt, the game is still alive and popular because of its large, dedicated online community. In YouTube alone, several GTA 5 game experts proudly show-off their prowess in the game such as in performing stunts. These videos are then consumed by fellow GTA fanatics and other audiences.

GTA 5, one of the examples of people’s nostalgia for their favorite video games, may have lasted among the top video games because of the legacy of the reliable GTA franchise. In addition, because it was conceived in a digital marketplace in the modern era, the longevity of GTA 5 may also be owed to it being accessible in multiple platforms which could reach more games and potential players.

Is it avaiable for IOS?

Yes GTA 5 mobile can be played in almost all mobile platforms including IOS, iphone, ipad, ipod, windows phone which you can get by pressing the download now button.

Download Anywhere

Available for all major mobile platforms including Android, IOS, iPhone, windows phone.As this is modded app integrated with mobile capability you cannot find this on play Store or app store you have to download from third party website. So you have to turn off the unknown source to install the game on your phone.

      *Works on Android Kitkat and iOS 10.0.5+ above.

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